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Michael is one of the hardest working, most considerate, and professional people I’ve worked with. Michael’s integrity builds trust and loyalty at all layers of the organization and with vendors.

Sarah Kendall

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Michael is a great strategist and very well rounded in all aspects of marketing and communications. I've worked with him on market research, brand assessment, communications, and international market development projects. He was always very insightful, strategic, and approachable. Michael is superb! 

Renata Lerch

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He is a strategic thinker and yet can operate at a high degree operationally to meet objectives. An interesting balance of risk taker with significant due diligence allows Michael to stay on the front lines of innovation, without taking the early adopter risks many organizations take.

Dan Stevens

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Michael is a highly natural leader. He has considerable strategic insight coupled with tactical determination, always delivering on commitments of any scale within agreed upon times and to agreed outcomes.

Andrew Baines

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Michael is an exceptional leader and an even better human being. He has a unique ability to think out of the box and to make the complex simple.

Geetha Balagopal

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Michael is an excellent example of a knowledgeable and well-rounded

individual who excels at leading people in business environments.

Michael Beren

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He has a solid understanding of the international marketplace and is effective at working cross-culturally. Michael works very well in a team environment, being a great, highly motivated and committed person.

Davorka Turkalj